Queens Invisalign dentist

Queens Invisalign Dentist

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Queens Invisalign dentist
Queens Invisalign dentist

Let’s be honest: there is no joy in wearing traditional metal braces. They have simply been a necessary tool in the transformation from misaligned teeth to getting them into a more healthy and proper position. But Invisalign represents a giant leap forward in orthodontics, since it eliminates the cosmetic drawbacks of the braces that most people are familiar with. Also, they are comfortable to wear and can be removed. Those are some impressive advantages.

Invisalign is made out of clear plastic, making it virtually undetectable to the eye. You can get the orthodontic treatment that you need and not advertise it to the rest of the world. Unless you tell them, no one else will be aware that you have it on except you and our Queens Invisalign dentist. Each aligner is made here at our office, not at a dental lab. The advancements of 3-D computer technology also eliminate messy impressions. Yet, the aligners are made to the highest level of precision so that they will fit you perfectly. And because they are plastic and not metal, there is no concern for possible mouth irritation or soreness. You wear an aligner for two weeks and then discard it for the next one in the series. This can total up to 48 during the entire course of treatment, though it can also be as few as 12. The number will be determined by our Queens Invisalign dentist and will depend on your unique circumstances and how misaligned your teeth are at the beginning. Remove your aligner to brush and floss, and also when you eat. You can say goodbye to those frustrating food restrictions that are associated with wearing metal braces. Other than those exceptions, your aligner stays in all the time, even as you sleep.

Let our Queens Invisalign dentist examine you and find out if you’re a good candidate for this revolutionary orthodontic alternative to braces. Call us now and book an appointment.

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