Orthodontist office in Elmhurst

Orthodontist Office in Elmhurst

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Clear braces in Elmhurst

If you need your teeth aligned, but you are not exactly happy about the idea of your braces being visible, why not choose our clear braces? Here at the practice of Sheldon Jay Rintel, DDS, PC, we make Invisalign available to you as an alternative to traditional metal braces.

It’s more accurate to describe Invisalign as a system of aligners, fashioned out of clear plastic. The aligners are all made here at our orthodontist office in Elmhurst. No one can see them, so there is no reason to feel self-conscious. Instead of messy impression material, advanced digital photography forms the guideline for crafting your braces. We use 3D computer software to process the photos and design what will later be made by our state-of-the-art machine. The result is between 12 and 48 sets of aligners, all of them serving a specific purpose in the overall strategy laid out by our orthodontist office in Elmhurst. Most people fall in the middle of those extremes in terms of the number of aligners, but what matters is that your teeth are being moved steadily until they are in a more ideal position. Every set of aligners is calibrated perfectly so that they are giving you maximum effectiveness. Wear a set for two weeks and then discard them. Replace the old set with the next in the series. Wear them all day and all night, with two exceptions. Remove them to eat, and also to perform your oral hygiene. There are no adjustments needed to your aligners, so you only have to come in once every six weeks during treatment to get a progress checkup.

It’s never been easier, more comfortable, or more aesthetically beneficial to get your teeth straightened. Contact our orthodontist office in Elmhurst to book an appointment for an examination and consultation.

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