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Forest Hills mouthguards
Forest Hills mouthguards

A smile is often the first thing people notice about you. In addition to wanting a beautiful smile, a healthy mouth and properly aligned teeth are paramount. At the practice of Sheldon Jay Rintel, DDS, PC we provide patients with Forest Hills mouthguards, orthodontics, and exceptional care. Mouthguards can come in different forms and serve many different purposes. The over-arching goal is to protect your teeth.

A number one reason to wear a mouthguard is while playing sports. Forest Hills mouthguards help protect your teeth and gums from injury. This is especially important if you or your child has braces. Several sports like football, hockey, lacrosse, and boxing usually require a mouthguard, but why stop there? Soccer, surfing, volleyball, and even weightlifting carry the uncertainty of injury to the mouth. There are three basic types of mouthguards: boil and bite fitted mouthguards, pre made mouthguards, and custom made mouthguards. Our custom mouthguards and durable, reliable, and effective.

Another reason to invest in a Forest Hills mouthguard is for teeth grinding. Many people grind their teeth at night causing serious damage without even realizing it. Grinding your teeth can weaken and damage teeth, and sometimes even crack them. It can also lead to muscle strains in the jaw, headaches, and TMJ. A mouthguard for teeth grinding can really change your life and the fate of your teeth. It is important to take care of your mouthguard by keeping it clean and storing it properly. When you work with Dr. Rintel and get your custom mouthguard, teaching proper care is a priority. Don’t risk your teeth. Make an appointment with us today to learn more about how a quality mouthguard can benefit you.

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