Forest Hills mouth guards

Forest Hills Mouth Guards

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Mouth guards in Forest Hills

Forest Hills mouth guards
Forest Hills mouth guards

Concerned about that popping and clicking sound coming from your mouth? Naturally. It’s very likely that these are byproducts of a condition known as TMJ. No need to freak out. If this has been going on for some time, you’ll probably want to head over to Sheldon Jay Rintel’s soon and meet with our professionals for Forest Hills mouth guards. The sooner you take care of these issues, the better your chances of curving away from other complications down the road.

Mouth guards are a popular way of addressing conditions like TMJ and Bruxism (teeth grinding)—although they function differently for both of these conditions. The development of TMJ occurs when the bones (or parts of them) interact with the joint are layered in cartilage, separated by a small shock-absorbing disk—responsible for maintaining smooth movement. Pain can kick into TMJ if any of the following happens: the joint is damaged by an impact or a blow, arthritis damages the joint’s cartilage, the disk is misaligned or erodes. Some people are more susceptible than others to developing this nagging condition. Some of the highest risk factors include: various forms of arthritis (rheumatoid and osteoarthritis), jaw injury, long-term cleaning or grinding of teeth, and connective tissue diseases which create problems within the temporomandibular joint. Maybe your eyes glazed over by the time the third multisyllabic term came into play. Totally understandable. For further clarification (or for treatment) don’t hesitate to contact a professional to finally be done with this discomfort. Head over to Sheldon Jay Rintel’s office. And finally get Forest Hills mouth guards.

Sound good? Our patients certainly think so. Now the ball is unquestionably in your court. Step up to the plate and swing away—in other words, pick up the phone and call us. After speaking to our Bright Orthodontics staff, schedule an appointment with us and be well on the way to Forest Hills mouth guards.

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