Family orthodontist Forest Hills NY

Family Orthodontist Forest Hills NY

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Braces for adults and kids in Forest Hills NY

Family orthodontist Forest Hills NY
Family orthodontist Forest Hills NY

Braces are the number one way to align teeth and have a straighter smile. Our family orthodontist Forest Hills NY is trained in the art of orthodontics and providing braces for both adults as well as children. Our doctor, Dr. Sheldon Jay Rintell, DDS, knows that both children and adults have different needs when it comes to orthodontics. Many children who are too young for orthodontics may benefit from early treatment that helps shape the alignment of the teeth before actual braces are used.

Our family orthodontist Forest Hills NY corrects conditions starting at a young age. Interceptive orthodontics are designed to help prevent worse dental problems later on, and avoid the need for expensive dental work. With interceptive orthodontics for children, we can address the jaw and teeth structures and identify any bite issues or malocclusions. This allows us to better detect how the permanent teeth will develop and correct habits that are causing developmental problems, such as thumb sucking. If we find that your child needs early treatment, we first correct any bad habits and intercept any problems that are starting to develop. We also guide permanent teeth into a better position if possible, so that a more pleasing arrangement of teeth starts to form and establishes more stability.

Finally, the child is fitted for traditional braces, which slowly move teeth into their final position over time. We continue to improve the function of the teeth by adjusting the braces over time as needed. This is done by tightening bands or screws that hold the braces into place over teeth. There are many reasons our family orthodontist Forest Hills NY may find that your child needs early interceptive treatment. The reasons may be because of open or deep bites, cross bites, crowding and spacing, missing teeth or teeth that are not emerging in the correct sequence.

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